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  4. Jan 11,  · Yah so someone on the opposing team didn't like me, he threatened to track my IP and find me over the microphone mid game. later after taking him out of the round, he threatened to kill me in real life. I reported his profile and took a screen shot of the death threat but I don't know if that was enough. Please help me figure out how to get this guy from potentially murdering me. thanks.
  5. Death threats are no laughing matter and are a crime in many jurisdictions. For example, under the California Penal Code Section > (a) Any person who willfully threatens to commit a crime which will result in death or great bodily injury to a.
  6. May 05,  · Hi steam community! I need to clear things up because its really bothering me and hard to get off in my chest. I played a game ranked matchmaking in dota 2. A game where we are losing, so he added me in steam since he can't type in game because I think he is muted. I didn't flame somebody in game or typed negative that would ruin our game. So after the game, I decided to accept his friend.
  7. Jul 09,  · We start with a 16 WAPT exclusive, we're hearing tonight from a florence man who says he received a death threat from someone who wanted his money. Investigators call it .
  8. Aug 25,  · Mujer Alta is right. Death threats go way beyond the normal level of internet nastiness. It is ILLEGAL to threaten people's lives regardless of whether the perp intends to act on it or not. You have a legitimate issue and if you bring it to YouTube, they will take action. The idiot who threatened you will be immediately kicked off the site.

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